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Parent Psychotherapy

You've read every parenting blog our there and yet you still feel like things are out of control at home. You swore you wouldn't yell and scream at your children the way your parents did but here you are again. Through parent psychotherapy we can delve into why you have the knee-jerk reactions you do to your childs misbehavior. We can come up with concrete parenting strategies to help manage difficult behavior at home. And we can also use mindfulness to help you feel more calm and present in your daily life with your children.


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Parent Consultation

Got a specific problem with your young child and don't want to enroll in therapy quite yet? A parent consultation may help! Some challenges I've help families work through:

  • Sleep Challenges (bedtime refusal, night wakings, etc)

  • Sibling Fighting

  • Managing Tantrums

  • Biting

  • Potty Training Challenges

  • Strategies for parenting a strong willed child

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