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Mother and her baby playing with Bunny t

Psychotherapy for Infants and Toddlers

Whether you've just adopted a baby and you want to increase bonding or you've got a 3 year old testing every single limit you set, infant or toddler psychotherapy can help. I am trained in a variety of evidenced based treatments for children ages 0-5 including Child Parent Psychotherapy as well as The Neurorelational Framework. What that basically means is I'm going to help you understand your child's brain and strengthen your relationship even through the most challenging of times. Sometimes we will all play together and other times I will meet alone with the parent to assess progress, provide developmental information, and help develop concrete strategies for a more peaceful home or school experience. 

Kids Play

Play Therapy

For school aged children I offer individual play therapy as well as family play therapy sessions. In these sessions I will allow the child to express herself through play and art. Play truly is the language of children and through this language we can better understand children and help them heal. If solo play sessions are conducted, parents will still be regularly involved in family play sessions parent only sessions. For more information on how play therapy works, watch this video.  

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