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Healthy Parent.
Healthy Child.

Hi I'm Jen, I'm a licensed psychotherapist specializing in maternal mental health as well as the treatment of children 0-5.  I'm here to support both you and your child through it all. From tantrums to trauma, I've got you covered.

Babies, Toddlers, and Motherhood....Oh My!

The baby and toddler stage of parenting is just plain hard, even under the best of circumstances. But now add in a PostPartum Depression, trauma, a major shift in your child's life, or even your own childhood issues and you've got mountains of stress. Maybe your child's problems are now impacting your family life on a daily basis and that parenting advice you've received just isn't working. Believe it or not your child wants to do well and thrive at home, daycare, or school but he just can't right now. I can help you figure out why your child is struggling and how you can best help him.  Through therapy you can start to have more peace in your family and bring back the joy.

Common reasons to seek therapy for yourself or your child:

  • You had/have a poor relationship with your parents

  • You find yourself constantly yelling at your children

  • You feel  like you've tried everything at this point with little success

  • Your child has experienced a trauma

  • Your child has a hard time with change or transitions

  • Your child is constantly disregulated with excessive tantrums or crying

  • Your child often appears nervous or worried

  • You and your child rarely have joyful and fun moments together

Children don't grow out of these problems, they grow into them. Let's get a head start on mental health.

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My Services

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